“Over 60 years of sun left my forearms and hands blotched and crusty. One month of Rejuvenage Emollient Plus Glycolic made them look like new.” 

– R.H., Palm Desert, CA

“Thank you for your products. Finally, I have found a solution for my dry skin.”

– G. Booth, Laguna Beach, CA

“I originally discovered Rejuvenage through my dermatologist. After ten years of use, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’ve tried other products because of their flashy ads, but there is still nothing like your cleanser and emollient.”

– B. Holt, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“I’ve been using the Rejuvenage products for approximately 8 years and find that my skin has stayed soft and smooth.  It seems to have helped in reduction of fine lines.  I love it under my makeup.  My facial skin tends to be dry and I find these products keep my skin quite moist.”

– T. C., West Chester, PA

“I have been using your cleansing (Cleanser) and protective lotion (SPF 15) daily for almost 20 years now.  I have extremely sensitive dry skin and all other products I’ve tried would make my face break out.  I have never had this problem with Rejuvenage.  I use the protective lotion (SPF 15) as a moisturizer morning and evening and my skin couldn’t be happier!” 

-S. Goethals, Redding, CA

“Your products are terrific for my busy lifestyle.  I use the emollient at night using just a little (very moisturizing for my dry skin), and the SPF 15 during the day. That’s it!  Rejuvenage has been most economical, also, as well as time saving. I would recommend your product highly, since I am a lifelong, successful user of them.” 

-G. Schlitz , Anaheim, CA

“You can say that I have been using Rejuvenage for many years because it is so rich and moist.  I have never found a cream (Moisture Rich Emollient) that compares to it.”

– S. Smith, East Lansing, MI